Use WhatsApp Without Internet, Find out proxies that work in India!

Use WhatsApp Without Internet

Users may now interact on WhatsApp even if the internet is down thanks to a new feature that was just announced! WhatsApp has expanded significantly since its debut in November 2009. Nearly 2 billion people utilise the instant messaging service globally. WhatsApp frequently releases upgrades and new features like audio and video conversations, messages that vanish, and vanishing messages in an effort to prevent users from moving to competing apps. As a result, users of the instant messaging software can benefit from additional new features.

On January 5, WhatsApp made a feature available that enables users to send and receive conversations even when the internet is down. Proxy support for WhatsApp is a feature that enables users to connect to WhatsApp using servers set up by individuals and organisations working to promote free speech throughout the world.

The company announced that even though this feature will allow users to communicate without any limitations, it upholds WhatsApp’s level of safety and the texts will still be end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp announced this feature in a blog post. Therefore, the communications you have with another person are private.

A server with open ports 80, 443 or 5222 and a domain name pointing to the server’s IP address can be used by users to set up the proxy. Both the comprehensive documentation and the source code are available on GitHub.

Use WhatsApp Without Internet

How To Use Whatsapp As A Proxy?

Step 1: First, access WhatsApp settings.

Step 2: Tap Data, followed by Storage, and then tap Use Proxy.

Step 3: To connect, enter the proxy address and save.

Step 4: If the connection is successful, a check mark will be visible.

Step 5: The proxy may have been blocked if you are still unable to receive or send WhatsApp messages using it. Attempt once more with a different proxy address.

Both Android and iOS have the ability to connect to WhatsApp proxy in the settings. If you are still unable to see it, make sure you have the most recent app version loaded.

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