TNCA Future Talents T20 2023 Player Stats: Get detailed information!

TNCA Future Talents T20 2023 Player Stat

The TNCA future talents 2022 tournament 2023 is about to commence on 17th January 2023. Moreover, there will be 15 games that will be played in the current edition of this future talents T20 tournament. However, all the players that will clear out these rounds will be forwarded up to the final round, and the final contestants will be playing on 26th January 2023. All of the games will be played at Guru Nanak College Ground in Chennai. However, the first round of this game will be held between Loyola College and DB Jain College. In all of the games, it is required for the contestant from each side to come up with a face-off challenge. On the basis of these challenges, the winning team will be moved up further to the next round, which is known as the semi-finals or eliminator round.

Player stats:

TNCA Future Talent T20 tournament has several of the statistics of their player on the basis of their batting, bowling, and fielding, and there is a special category called top guns. Therefore, on the basis of these statistics in the category is it there are several individuals and contestants that have listed their names on this chart. Therefore, the statistics of the player are as follows:


  1. Mithul Raj, for having the most run, is 106
  2. P Vidyut, which is up for the most wickets, goes high as 4
  3. Mithul Raj scores again for the highest score of 106 runs.
  4. P Vidhyuth comes up in the Top Gun again with the best figures 4/4.


Considering the field of the batting arenas, there are several candidates that fit right in the statistics of the players. They are as follows:

  1. Mithul Raj, for scoring 106 runs, comes under the most runs.
  2. Mithul Raj again comes up in this category for the highest score of 106 runs.
  3. Rahul Harish comes up for the most 50s.
  4. Mithul Raj comes up for the most hundreds.
  5. Rahul Harish comes up on the chart for the best batting average of 79.00
  6. Vaidyanathan K comes up on the list for the best strike rate of 350.0.


Some of the top listed contestants that had made their name on the bowling players statistics are as follows:

  1. S Muhammad Ali for having the most catches. That counts up to 3 catches
  2. R Dhanush comes up for the most run-outs
  3. Prasanna Hari comes up for the most dismissal, which counts up to 3.

These were some of the player’s statistics that have been counted under the TNCA future talent T 20 Tournament 2023.

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