Pathan Film Advance Booking: What do we know? So Far!

Pathan Flim Advance Booking

The Bollywood film that stars Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham is scheduled to be released on January 25. After an absence of over four years, SRK will return to the big screen thanks to this. Because the superstar will be seen in a new appearance, a chiselled physique with abs that are worth drooling over, the action-packed trailer with King Khan’s charm has raised the level of anticipation for the movie. King Khan will be seen in the movie. The advance bookings for the movie have begun taking place on a global scale, and the early patterns look promising. In the near future, Yash Raj Films will also begin taking advance bookings for Pathaan in India.

On January 20, just 5 days before the film’s official debut in theatres, advance ticket sales for Pathaan will get underway in India. Before YRF gives people the opportunity to get tickets for Bollywood major, the aim is to build up as much excitement as possible for the film Pathaan and get it to its peak at that moment.

There is still a total of seven days until the movie is going to be released. Despite this, the buzz surrounding this film began well before it was even released. The number of reservations made in advance is now available. It would appear from these numbers that the movie “Pathan” is likely to be a huge success at the box office. ‘Pathan’ has a budget of approximately 250 crores to work with. The movie needed to gross twice as much money at the box office before it could be considered a smash hit.

In India, advance ticket sales have not yet gotten under way for the film. However, pre booking has begun in numerous countries, including the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Australia. It has been revealed what his numbers are. It would appear from these numbers that the film starring Shah Rukh Khan will bring in a significant amount of money at the box offices of other countries.

The information indicates that there have been a total of 4500 tickets purchased in the UAE at a price of Rs 65,000, which is equivalent to Rs 52 lakhs. On its first day of release in the United Arab Emirates, the film Raees raked in $3.5 million (about Rs. 2.84 crore). There are still ten days left until the release of “Pathan.” It would appear that this movie will be better than Raees.

Even in the United States and Australia, people are making reservations in advance to see “Pathan.” In the United States, a total of 22,000 500 tickets, with a value of 2 crores, have been sold. On the first day of sales in Germany, there were more than 4,500 tickets purchased. Nine thousand tickets for the saturday before the release have already been purchased. Pathan has so far been successful in business in Germany, having raked in 1.32 crore rupees there.

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