Pathan Day 1 Box Office Collection: What does early analytics says?

Pathan Day 1 Box Office Collection

After a hiatus of more than a few years, Shah Rukh Khan will reprise his role as the film’s primary protagonist in Pathaan. Box office analysts and industry professionals have anticipated that Pathaan will make between Rs 35 and Rs 45 Crore on its very first day of release. The film starring Shah Rukh Khan is receiving positive comments everywhere in India for its advance bookings, and the holidays around Republic Day are sure to be beneficial to its box office performance.

A trade expert by the name of Akshay Rathee recently gave an interview to ETimes, in which he indicated that the opening day box office revenue for Pathaan is most likely going to fall somewhere in the area of Rs 35-37 Crores. After that, the film has the potential to make up to Rs. 45 Crores each of the next two days at the box office. It is almost certain that Pathaan will bring in more than Rs 100 Crore in total revenue during its first three days of release at the box office.

“In addition, there is a lot of excitement around Pathaan around the world, and there is a good chance that the movie will bring in a total of Rs 300 Crores at the box office in its first five days. Pathan is the only major film coming from Bollywood around the time of Republic Day, and Indian moviegoers can’t wait to see King Khan back in action on the big screen. According to Tanya Goyal, who is the founder of Flickr Onclick, there is little to no competition at the box office in India, which will help Pathaan do a lot of business.

Despite earning Rs 20 Crore on the first day of its release, SRK’s previous film as the primary star, Zero, was a commercial failure at the box office. After the first surge in ticket sales, Pathan will need to maintain its momentum at the box office by receiving favourable reviews and audience reaction.

In addition, Pathan has been a smashing success at the box office in Germany. The advance booking for the movie has already brought in 150,000 Euros, which puts it ahead of the total amount collected by KGF: Chapter 2 in Germany over its lifetime. The adoration that people in Germany have for Shah Rukh Khan is unparalleled, and there is no doubt that the Pathaan fever began in this nation.

Pathaan became available for advance booking on the 20th of January in India. Based on the buzz surrounding the film, industry insiders are confident that it will easily surpass Rs. 45 Crore at the box office on the first day of its release.

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