Why is Pakistan not in Hockey World Cup 2023? The reason is inside?

Pakistan not in hockey 2

The 15th edition of the Hockey World Cup will be hosted by India from January 13 to 19, 2023. There will be 16 teams participating in the mega event. In contrast, Pakistan, who won the World Cup four times, won’t be participating. 

Political tensions between Pakistan and the United States are not the reason why Pakistan won’t participate in Hockey World Cup 2023. In comparison to the Pakistani team being refused a visa for the Blind T20 World Cup in 2022, which India won, Pakistan’s hockey team will not be able to compete in the World Cup as they couldn’t qualify for the big event by finishing in the top four at the Asia Cup.

It has been confirmed that Pakistan will not be participating in the 2023 Hockey World Cup as they failed to qualify. Despite winning four World Cup titles, most recently in 1994, the world’s 17th-ranked team was not selected, and will not be participating in the tournament this year.

During the 2022 Asia Cup, which was held in Jakarta between May 23 and June 1, Pakistan had to place at least fourth to qualify for the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup. As a result, they failed to make it past the first round, finishing third out of four teams in Pool A, which confirmed their elimination from this year’s competition.

In previous editions, Pakistan hasn’t been able to attend the mega-event. Neither were they present at the 2014 edition, held in The Hague.

At the 14th edition of the tournament in 2018, the Pakistani team didn’t impress with its performance in Bhubaneswar. Following their pool defeat by Germany and the Netherlands, they lost a cross-over match to Belgium 0-5. In the end, the Men in Green finished 12th

The FIH has determined that only the top four teams will qualify for the World Cup based on the rules of the Asia Cup. The teams that secured their spots were Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia. By virtue of being the host nation, India also reached the semifinals.

Japan and South Korea, along with Belgium and Germany, have been selected from the Asian qualifiers as part of Pool B. India, on the other hand, will play England, Wales, and Spain in Pool D.

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