Ishq Mein Ghayal: Release date, casts, spoilers & more!

Ishq mein ghayal

After Naagin & Brahmarakshash on Colors TV, the channel has launched the new supernatural serial Ishq Me Ghayal, which stars Karan Kundra, Reem Sheikh, and GaSHmeer in lead roles. Mamta Patnaik & Yash Patnaik are producing this show under the banner of Beyond Dreams Productions.

The channel released the teaser of IMG and the start date is speculated to be February 2023. In the past, the show had been titled Bhediya, but now it has been changed to Ishq Mein Ghayal, which is full of romance, mystery, and suspense throughout.

Ishq Me Ghayal Release date

According to the channel, IMG will be released in February 2023, but the actual release date has not been disclosed.

In the coming weeks, the ongoing supernatural series Naagin 6 with the lead actress Tejassawi Prakash will be replaced by Ishq Mein Ghayal (IMG) which will air at the 8:00 PM time slot on Weekends.

Ishq Me Ghayal Cast

IMG is expected to be a success as it stars some of today’s most popular actors, including Reem Sheikh, Karan Kundra, and Gashmeer Mahajani as Isha, Veer, and Armaan.

  • Karan Kundra
  • Gashmeer Mahajani
  • Reem Shaikh
  • Roop Rashmi Sharma
  • Rina Rani
  • Prabhat Chaudhary
  • Behzaad Khan & others

Ishq Me Ghayal Story – Spoiler Alert

The story of Ishq Me Ghayal revolves around three main characters, that is, Isha, Veer, and Armaan, who bring the story to life. Eisha is a brave young girl torn between two werewolves Veer and Armaan. She is madly in love with one of the brothers and feels a strong connection with the other. There are dilemmas, tragedies, and dangers that surround the three throughout the film.

On the one hand Eisha, Veer and Armaan are caught up in an intense love triangle, while on the other hand the Committee of Landsdale has discovered a unique method for smoking out hidden werewolves and killing them before they escape.

Ishq Me Ghayal TRP Rating

The main cast of the serial includes some of the most popular actors of the present day including Karan Kundra, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Reem Shaikh, whose fans are incredibly excited to see them all on screen again as fictional characters in the upcoming serial. Moreover, IMG’s teaser looks amazing, it has a lot of mystery, it’s romance, and it’s a thriller, so we can assume it’s going to get a pretty high TRP from the show’s audience.

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