Instagram launched Quiet Mode: Know, how to turn it on?

Instagram launched Quiet Mode

Instagram has launched a new feature called Quiet Mode to help users stay focused and to encourage them to be able to set boundaries with their friends and followers. If the user enables the mode, they will not receive any notifications, their profile’s activity status will become ‘In quiet mode’, and the app will send an automatic response when someone DMs them.

You can also customize Quiet Mode. In Quiet mode, you are able to adjust the hours to suit your schedule, and once the feature has been turned off, you will see a quick summary of all notifications you have missed so you can catch up on them. 

How to turn Quiet Mode on?

  • Click the top three dots at the top right of your Instagram profile
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Notifications”
  • Simply click “Pause All” to end the process

Instagram “Newly Launched” features including Parental Supervision Tools

Quiet mode will be available to all UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand residents as of January 19. Meanwhile, other countries will have access to it soon. Introducing new features that give users more control over the content they see on Instagram, the app allows users to do a couple of other things that include:- 

  1. You can now hide multiple pieces of content in Explore at once. If you select ‘Not interested’ on a post seen in Explore, the app will avoid showing you similar content in other places where it can make recommendations, such as Reels, Search, and more.
  2. Instagram now lets you hide recommended posts across the app that contain specific words, in addition to hiding comments and DMs. When you avoid certain words, emojis, or hashtags – like “fitness” or “recipes” – Instagram will no longer recommend posts with those words. Privacy settings have a Hidden Words section.
  3. Instagram recently added the ability to view a teen’s Instagram settings for parents, including privacy and account settings. Whenever their child updates a setting, parents will receive a notification so they can discuss it with them. Now parents can also view blocked accounts.

Instagram tweets – “We’re giving teens more options for managing their Instagram time and experiences, but we’re also making it easier for parents to talk to their teens about their settings with Family Center and supervision tools, so they can be more aware of the choices teens make.”

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