Exercise AMPHEX 2023: Detailed information about is available inside!

Exercise AMPHEX

A massive operation of AMPHEX 2023 was held from January 17 to January 2022 near Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh involving the Indian navy, Indian army, and the Indian air force. A huge number of troops from the amphibious warships, Indian army, Indian navy and aircraft from the Indian air force seems to participate in the joint operations held during the exercise. It is discovered that AMPHEX 2023 incorporated complex activities in all the departments that exhibited a profuse level of coordination and readiness among the three services to experiment the full gamut of amphibious operations.

The prime motto of this operation is to bring awareness among the public regarding usage of plastic and its strong impact on the rivers, oceans and the water channels. The officials of the Eastern Naval Command stated that approximately 400 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste components has been collected that includes glass pieces, wrappers , plastic elements etc which were further disposed safely.

A great and encouraging thing about this operation is it was conducted in between the disturbing concern over China’s proliferating military forays into the Indian Ocean because this region is reckoned as the backyard of the Indian Navy.

Moreover the Indian army has also acquired the IPR ( INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT) office newly curated camouflage pattern uniform. The newly introduced combat uniform was first disclosed by the chief of army staff on the army Day.

On the contrary the Eastern Naval Command has issued a statement that every month, one day will be dedicated towards participating in coastal clean up activities that includes lakes and rivers. Besides this, the coastal clean up experiment was conducted at multiple places at hope Island kakinada and Visakhapatnam on January 21.

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