Cold Wave Delhi Temperature drop to 4%, More details inside!

Cold Wave Delhi Temperature

Temperatures in many areas of the national capital, including Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh, are set to fall five notches below average because of the cold wave. In the coming three days, northern parts of India will experience severe cold wave conditions, according to the Indian Metrological Department (IMD).
A minimum temperature below 10 degrees has been observed in Delhi NCR, with wintry conditions prevailing in the entire capital. A few days ago, when the Western Disturbance passed, temperatures had been relatively mild, but now that it has moved on, they have taken a turn for the worse.

In the past 24 hours, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, north Rajasthan, and western Uttar Pradesh experienced minimum temperatures between 2 and 6°C, according to IMD.
Train and air traffic were impacted by a dense fog layer over the Indo-Gangetic plains and adjacent central and eastern regions.
The foggy weather caused one-and-a-half to five-hour delays for 21 trains headed to Delhi, according to an Indian Railways report.
A minimum temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius was recorded at Delhi’s primary weather station, Safdarjung.
There was a temperature difference of three degrees between the maximum and average temperature in the national capital.
Delhi is predicted to be covered in dense to moderate fog for the next two days. According to the IMD, cold wave conditions will return this weekend, with temperatures dropping to four degrees Celsius.

Cold Wave Delhi Temperature

During this cold wave in Delhi, the maximum temperature broadly hovered around the norm, making it the first cold day of the season so far.
Delhi witnessed shallow fog that rose as a result of strong surface winds, said a meteor department official. It has resulted in cloud-like fog during the day, reducing the maximum temperature below average. According to the official, Delhi’s northerly winds also cause temperatures to drop rapidly at night due to the cold breezes.

Today’s Weather Conditions in Delhi:

During the day today, moderate fog and dense fog were observed over Palam Airport, with a visibility of 50 meters. It is expected that a Western Disturbance around January 7 will not affect Delhi but may reduce minimum temperatures because of the disturbance’s wake in the hills. The maximum temperature will be around 19 to 20 degrees, as dense fog prevents sunlight from penetrating.
Overall, during the second count, Delhi may experience a cold wave with temperatures falling below 5 degrees between January 5 and January 7. However, we will keep you updated!

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